Essential Woodcraft Tools for the Woodcrafter

Before starting any project with wood, whether it is woodcraft modeling, furniture making or installing real wood doors, you need to have right woodworking tools and fixings for the job. This starts from the basic hand tools such as hammers, chisels, and screwdrivers to more specialized power tools.

For most jobs, you will have to measure and mark out lines for cutting so you should have an accurate tape measure, a square and angle marker and of course a decent, sharp pencil.

For simple wood carving, you’ll need wood carving tools, a pocket knife, and a Stanley knife (Stanley tools are among the best known). In this type of work, you are more likely to use wood glue than screws or bolts to fix parts together.

When working on larger projects, such as countertops that require shaping, a CNC wood router (computer numerical control) might be needed. This cuts components to the measurements entered into the computer.

If you have components which need fixing together, especially when using wood glue or epoxy resin, you will require wood clamps. These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate most jobs.

When it comes to fixings and fasteners, there are numerous types depending on the job being tackled. For most tasks wood screws or nails will suffice but, for fitting large parts together such as joists, more heavy duty nuts, and bolts will be needed. If you are using thin paneling sheets, simple panel pins or rivets will do the job just right.

Once you have completed the construction or installation of whatever task you are working on, to finish the job, you’ll want to leave it with the perfect appearance. If you have used nails or screws, you can sink the heads below the surface and use wood filler to make the surface flush or smooth. When setting his can then be sanded down to a smooth finish.

You can now also decide if you would like to keep the natural color of the wood, varnish it to give a highly polished finish, use a wood stain to darken the tones or completely change to the color of your choice with wood paint.

Using the right tools for the woodworking task you are undertaking and taking time and care over the finish will leave you satisfied with a job well done and hopefully pleasure for many years to come.

And as a bonus here you can find a list of tools manufacturers.

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